Colorado Clean Air Act

by Shannon McCarthy on May 8, 2017

The Colorado Clean Air Act is an act to help prevent smoking in common areas of buildings

Please click on the link to find the general guidelines covered by the Act


Winter is coming!

by Shannon McCarthy on September 30, 2015

Winter is coming which means snow and ice.

To save your concrete and metal form deterioration, use only ice and snow melt products which do not contain sodium chloride.

The sodium chloride will eat through concrete and heighten the rusting process for metals.


How To Pick The Best HOA Management Company

October 10, 2012

As a Denver HOA Management Company (Capital Hill HOA Management), we are often asked, what are the criteria Home Owners Associations should use for picking a management company. Let’s start with a little bit different tact, what does YOUR HOA need and who can best provide those services for you? A HOA Management Company will […]

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